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Top 3 Benefits To Using Our Recruitment Agency


Recruiting new team members can be an expensive and time-consuming task for any business; one that is vitally important but also doesn't offer any guarantees. Employing top talent is becoming increasingly competitive in today's job market but finding the right candidate is crucial to driving your business forward.


Counter Offers - A Dicey Situation


Counter offers have become increasingly common as talented employees go in search of new opportunity. Although this may seem like a great situation in some cases, the fact that a counter offer is even being made is because there is something missing, and if the employee accepts the counter offer, it is likely that they still won't stick around for much longer after this. 


8 Best Ways To Prepare For An Interview


Well done, you got yourself an interview! Your CV clearly made an impact and now it's up to you to make a lasting impression in your interview. So all that is left to do is to put in a bit of preparation prior to the interview and then it's your time to shine and nail that interview!


3 Ways To Look For A Job


One would think that with access to internet these days, that searching for a job would be a piece of cake. However, as many job seekers will confirm - the internet can actually be overwhelming and leave you more confused than ever before. So we will make it easy for you and tell you exactly how you can find your next dream job...



Shortlisting from CV's only, is limiting and one dimensional. To find great people that will make a difference in your business, we have to venture beyond the obvious job related criteria in our search for them. That's where we come in...

A Happily Placed Candidate. Review From A Previous Job Seeker.


We also love success stories and today we'd like to share Angel Mbatha's story with you. Angel has recently been placed in her dream job as a Marketing Consultant within the financial services industry focusing on investment incentive schemes for economic development.

How To Get Top Talent To Work In Your Company


Having been in the Durban recruitment market for over 25 years, I have seen the supply and demand of jobs and job seekers go through cycles. Employers and job seekers are often not sensitive to these shifts in cycles and many pay the price for it.

During a series of blogs, I will deal with a number of issues related to this reality and provide some tips to employers and job seekers.


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