Top 3 benefits to using our recruitment agency

Recruiting new team members can be an expensive and time-consuming task for any business; one that is vitally important but also doesn't offer any guarantees. Employing top talent is becoming increasingly competitive in today's job market but finding the right candidate is crucial to driving your business forward.

Sandi Crowther Recruitment is a top recruitment agency based in Durban, South Africa with a large quality database that has been built up over the past 25 years. We have a thorough interview and selection process in place which yields top notch candidates for clients.

So what exactly is the benefit of using Sandi Crowther Recruitment to help find and hire those star employees?

Most employers can look back over time at some of their hiring decisions and wonder why on earth they hired that person. Whether it was a skills mismatch, work ethic and energy levels or simply someone who did not gel with the team - all these reasons impacted in some way on their business.

1. Successful track record 

Our agency has a successful track record as we have dealt with thousands of applicants and understand how to identify the critical aspects that seperate our candidates from the rest - things that you will not find in a CV.

The success of an employment agency is directly related to the success of the client and the staff they employ making them a perfect partner. As any good partner will do - they will bring out the best in you and your business!

2. A knack for identifying top talent

Often when employers advertise jobs, their inbox gets flooded with CV's that are either not relevant or don't meet their requirements. They are left searching through endless emails trying to find the right calibre of candidate that just isn't there, making the whole exercise futile and a complete waste of time.

Then in an attempt to just get on with the process they call in people for interviews - only to find that their initial impression of the candidates CV is confirmed. They are not going to be the right fit.

The difference with our agency is that we have a sound insight into the job market, with a well-established database of job seekers that meet our high expectations, and this is continuously being added to. As an established placement agency with a history in the local job market, we already have long associations with top notch talent who we have placed in the past and as such we are often the first to know when these individuals re-enter the job market.

Our team is skilled in spotting the gems and coming up with a shortlist of applicants that will excite you!

3. Negotiate Salaries

Employers often go through the entire recruitment process to find the right person, only to discover that their salary expectations are far from what they are willing to pay them.

Our recruitment agency provides a "mediation service" when it comes to remuneration. Through candid discussions with the client and applicants, together with benchmarking remuneration against other roles and companies in your industry, we are able to manage expectations and influence where necessary. Part of the remuneration that we engage in, includes linking remuneration and personal growth and opportunities for the individual. This role alleviates the stress from our clients and the awkward conversation between the parties and ensures that a fair agreement is achieved, that leaves both the client and the applicant excited to start their new role.

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