Online courses to upskill yourself

As we proudly applaud our President and take the necessary precautions to contain the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, we are left with a lot of spare time – 21 days exactly – as South Africa is placed under lockdown. Whilst “lockdown” may be quite a daunting term, it also brings with it a lot of opportunity to do the things you wouldn’t normally do or haven’t found the time to do, one of these being upskilling yourself.

 Now is your time! The internet is your best friend and offers various platforms for online courses; a few options are GetSmarter, Shaw Academy and Udemy.


GetSmarter is a digital teaching platform offering top-quality online short courses and is partnered with multiple leading universities including the University of Cape Town, Harvard University and the University of Cambridge to name a few. They have an impressive portfolio of over 60 courses in a number of categories including Arts and Design, Business and Management, Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Project Management. Courses range from 6 – 18 weeks.   Whilst some courses are more affordable, the more complex courses do escalate in price.

GetSmarter doesn’t require you to write an exam at the end of your studies. Your results are determined through continuous assessments in the form of course-related assignments submitted online. GetSmarter is a highly rated and strongly recommended online learning platform and once you have successfully completed your chosen course, you will be awarded with an approved and recognised certification.

Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy is an inexpensive online educational platform focused on providing cost-effective Diploma’s in various industries namely Photography, Design, Technology, Marketing, Business, Finance, Beauty, Health and Wellness. Each course has an insightful overview discussing what the course will entail and highlights the duration of the course and how many interactive lessons you will be required to partake in.   With Shaw Academy, it is slightly different in that they have live online lectures at certain times that you can register and log in to attend. You will be able to hear the lecturer; however, they cannot hear you, but you can type questions and the lecturer can respond as they teach. Shaw Academy doesn’t require you to write a final exam and thus is a good option if you are looking to test your interest in a particular area. There is also the option to write an exam and should you choose this, you will be awarded with an Internationally accredited e-diploma. They also offer free courses.


Udemy is an affordable online learning platform with thousands of online learning courses which are sure to pique your interest, whether this be Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Supply Chain and Logistics, Finance or Accounting; the list is endless! You are able to study online, at your own pace, and have the opportunity to learn from Industry experts. Each course is created and owned by the instructors of that course. Whether you are a visual or auditory learner you are sure to benefit as the course material is covered via multiple resources including videos, slides and text. Udemy also offers lifetime access to their courses meaning that you can go back and revisit your course material whenever needed. Udemy focus on developing skills and offer a certificate on completion of your chosen course.

So, there you have it! Whether you are looking to complete a short course focused on developing your skills at an affordable price or have the necessary funds available and are wanting to get an accredited and recognised qualification; online learning is definitely an effective way to upskill yourself.