March Top Candidates 2024

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to identifying the perfect candidate. We pride ourselves in understanding your requirements and company culture so that we are well-equipped to source the best possible fit for you. Getting to know a candidate beyond their CV is vital in establishing whether they will slot well into a company. We dive deeper, past the CV, to ensure we are offering the best fit in terms of what is needed to perform the job as well as finding someone who will blend into your team like a missing puzzle piece with the correct attitude, work ethic, and well-rounded personality.

We have hand-picked a few candidates who we believe would be a great value-add to any team and we are excited to share them with you below.

If the below candidates do not meet your current recruitment needs, please send Kayla an email and we will happily assist in sourcing the ideal candidate for you.

UX / UI Designer

R70 000 - R73 000

Talented UX / UI Designer with a BSc in Computer Science, strong communication skills, and a calm demeanour. His ability to create wireframes, conduct prototyping, and collaborate with diverse teams ensures high-quality UI development. Applying design thinking and user-centered principles, he enhances user interactions and functionality effectively. He excels in partnering with stakeholders to devise UX strategies and build customer personas. Valuing feedback and diversity, he embraces criticism and enjoys working with clients worldwide. Seeking a change from agency work, he desires to see projects through from start to finish, aiming for a legacy product to showcase his skills. His blend of technical expertise, creativity, and client-centric approach makes him a standout candidate for any UX / UI design team.

Sales Manager, Johannesburg

R62 000 - R65 000

A dynamic, well-presented, and articulate candidate. With a Bachelor of Education Honours Degree in Further Education and Training and a Diploma in Business Management, he brings a unique blend of pedagogical expertise and business acumen to the table. His communication and stellar presentation skills are unrivalled, enabling him to effectively convey ideas and strategies. His strategic outlook and meticulous planning ensure that objectives are not just met but exceeded. As a proficient leader, he fosters cohesion within sales teams, consistently driving them towards success. His adeptness at building relationships is unparalleled, facilitating seamless networking and rapport-building with clients and stakeholders alike.

Finance Manager

R63 000

With a CIMA qualification and CGMA status, this candidate excels in reconciliations, financial management, statutory compliance, cash flow forecasting, and audit preparation. He possesses comprehensive expertise in Pastel Accounting including Pastel Evolution and Pastel Partner, VIP Payroll, Tharsterns, and SAP. He will adeptly oversee your finance operations and delivers insightful reports to drive your organizational success.

Entrepreneur / General Manager

R40 000 - R45 000

This candidate offers a unique blend of skills and expertise that makes him a standout candidate. Bachelor of Commerce Degree with majors in Economics and Marketing, coupled with a Postgraduate Degree in Entrepreneurship and Education showcases a diverse skill set that spans business management, education and marketing. His entrepreneurial venture launching a niche skincare range and successfully managing its growth demonstrates initiative, business acumen and the ability to navigate challenges in product development, sales expansion, and operational management. 9 years work experience including 3 years managing a startup business has equipped him with hands-on knowledge in online marketing, financial management, production planning and logistics. He is certain to add significant value to any organisation.

Credit Manager / Accountant

R30 000 - R35 000

A Diploma in Credit Management and pursuing a BCom in Financial Management underscores this impressive candidate’s commitment to excellence and ongoing professional growth. With a keen eye for detail and robust analytical prowess, she guarantees precise account reconciliations and enhanced cash flow management. Her expertise extends to payroll processing, EMP and VAT returns. With a solid track record of 20 years experience in credit management and responsibility for a debtors book of R10 million, she offers exceptional value to any organisation.

Sales Executive

R25 000

A top-tier candidate, proficient in technical aspects, good understanding of Afrikaans and Zulu. Sales expertise spans from identifying prospective clients, lead generation, customer service to new product training. Adept at cold calling, skilled in negotiating prices, preparing quotes, and following through with invoicing. Tap into his drive and experience to boost your sales.


R16 000 - R20 000

Equipped with a National Diploma in Accounting and nearly three years work experience, this ambitious Bookkeeper is ready to add value to your company. She is proficient in various computer packages including Sage Business Cloud, Sage Evolution, Sage Pastel Partner, Xero, QuickBooks, Sage One Payroll, and CaseWare, indicating a strong foundation in financial software. Experienced in a wide range of accounting tasks such as bookkeeping up to trial balance, VAT calculation and reconciliation and preparing monthly management accounts. She is a reliable, ambitious team player.

Training and Development Co-ordinator

R16 000 - R20 000

With a Degree in Psychology, a diverse skill set and strong work ethic, this loyal and reliable candidate is highly recommended by her former employer due her dedication and commitment especially during challenging times. Her qualification as a Skills Development Facilitator, coupled with experience in designing training courses demonstrates her ability to effectively impart knowledge and skills to others. Familiarity in working with the Food and Beverage Seta suggests industry specific expertise applicable to training and development initiatives within the food manufacturing sector. This candidate offers a well-rounded skill set that would be beneficial to roles requiring administration, planning, training facilitation and reporting.

Stock Controller / Analyst

R16 000 - R18 000

Cum Laude Degree in Forensic Science and Technology, this inspiring candidate is analytical and motivated to investigate matters and delve deeper. She offers 5 years work experience in the FMCG sector, monitoring and maintaining accurate inventory levels and reconciling discrepancies. She works daily on Excel working with pivot tables, Vlookup and iferror. She analyses sales trends, customer demand, and market conditions to ensure stock levels align with anticipated sales volumes. She’s a star waiting to join your team.

IT Support Technician

R15 000 - R18 000

With a National Diploma in Information Technology specialising in network engineering, Microsoft 365 Certification and Microsoft: Azure Fundamental Certification this dedicated candidate has 6 years experience working as an IT Support Technician. He handles remote and on-site user support, new user set-up, printer configuration, software installation and support, back-ups, and troubleshooting. Known for his patience and hardworking nature, he demonstrates strong technical abilities and a commitment to providing excellent IT support.

Graduate - Administrator / Receptionist 

R10 000 - R15 000

This vibrant, and well-educated Honours Graduate brings an appealing blend of academic prowess and personal charisma to the table. A member of the Golden Key Society, she is conscientious, disciplined and sets high standards for herself. She is proficient in MS Office including Excel and has undertaken several administration roles during her University years. This coupled with an infectious personality and complemented by an ever-present smile, suggests that she would excel in roles requiring interaction with clients or collaboration with teams. 

Accounts Clerk / Final Year BCom Accounting

R13 000

A promising candidate nearing completion of a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting, proficient in Pastel Accounting, VIP Payroll and Excel. Strong communication skills, coupled with a rapid learning ability, drive his ambition to embark on a finance career. Work experience includes 18 months working as a National Vehicle Tracking Controller responsible for vehicle financial reports. Invest in a quality finance junior and reap the rewards of his steep learning curve and growth potential.