Top Candidates

March Top Candidates 2024

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to identifying the perfect candidate. We pride ourselves in understanding your requirements and company culture so that we are well-equipped to source the best possible fit for you.

February Top Candidates 2024

Hello February 2024! We are out with the old year and in with the new year, and we feel positive that this year will be a year of new challenges, new opportunities, and new achievements.

April Top Candidates 2023

We love Mondays; Mondays welcome a new week and new chances to do better than the week before. Today we welcome the first Monday of a new month – the best time to set new intentions and new goals for the month ahead.

November Top Candidates 2022

2023 will be a year of fresh starts, new beginnings, new goals, and new mindsets. With the end of 2022 rapidly approaching, we believe now is the perfect time to secure your new hires for the new year and get ahead of the pack.

July Top Candidates 2021

The second half of 2021 is upon us – chilly winter mornings with frosty horizons and serene evening sunsets. This year has been a delightful one thus far.

May Top Candidates 2021

Teamwork does in fact make the dream work. Building a passionate team who all share a common goal may at times be tricky, but it is a crucial contributing factor in achieving a successful business.

March Top Candidates 2021

Throughout January and February, we have been delighted to see an inflow of jobseekers with the New Year and have interviewed an impeccable batch of candidates who we believe are sure hires within their fields of work.

November Top Candidates 2020

With 2020 swiftly approaching year-end and the festive season soon knocking on our door, there is no better time than now to buckle down and put business plans into action for the New Year.

October Top Candidates 2020

As we leap into the last quarter of 2020, we are pleased to notice an influx of top calibre talent into the job market. With South Africa being fairly new to Level 1 lockdown, and with high hopes of an improving year end, there is no better time than now to increase operations and end the year off with a bang.

September Top Candidates 2020

Employing people who make a meaningful contribution to your business has become more critical now than ever. With the recent pandemic we have a seen an increase in the quality of candidates entering the market and have hand-picked some of these for you below.

August Top Candidates 2020

Success is no accident. As a small business owner myself, I know that success is no accident. It is hours of hard work, perseverance, and determination.

July Top Candidates 2020

July is a special time in Durban – clear, sunny days and calm seas. To celebrate this time, we would like to share some special candidates that we have recently interviewed and who we believe could make a difference to your business.

March Top Candidates 2020

And before we’ve had a moment to blink after the January and February bustle, its March! As we continue to ease into the New Year, we have come across some quality candidates that are sure to add value to your business.

January's Top Candidates 2020

And just like that the New Year is upon us, we are back in action and have already interviewed some exceptional candidates that we can’t wait to share with you!

December's Top Candidates 2019

We are sharing our top 10 candidates for December