Get ahead of the game

With the new year comes new goals, new prospects and a refreshed drive to take one's company to another level. But why wait until the new year like everyone else? When you could be one step ahead of the game...

Get ahead of the motivating game

Set your goals as a team before everyone goes on leave. At the end of the year, employees will be more aware of areas that can be improved on as well as new opportunities that the business could explore in the coming year. Remind staff to really enjoy their time off with their families and loved ones and to be ready to come back with a drive to achieve these goals you have decided on together. This will ensure that the message stays in their mind over the holiday and they return to work with a sure sense of purpose rather than feeling despondent that the holiday is over. Having something positive like goals to come back to will create a newfound energy in your staff upon their return and they will be motivated to tackle their roles with purpose.

Get ahead of the recruitment game

So many companies think "I will find someone in January". The problem with that is that every other company is thinking the exact same thing. So when January comes along candidates who haven't already been swiped up in December, have their pick of the litter. This means, recruiting in January becomes highly competitive as companies have to compete with each other to secure the best candidates.

BUT companies that are one step ahead of the game, start their recruitment processes in December when most candidates are looking and are eager to secure a position for the new year. It is during December that you are most likely to find those "gems" who value security, loyalty and finding the right fit.

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