8 tips for working from home

With many countries across the globe, including South Africa, being under lockdown, many of us are faced with the reality of having to work remotely from home. Whilst some may thrive in their home environment, you may find it difficult to get up and get going. It is important to stick to a routine as much as possible to keep productivity levels high. If you’re new to the idea of working remotely and are not coping or continue to get distracted by the smallest of things, then here are some tips you can implement into your routine to get you on the road to productivity.

1. Get out of bed

Do not set your alarm for later or hit snooze; encourage yourself to wake up the same time you would wake up as if you were still travelling to work.

2. Dress for success

Whilst a few may work effectively in their comfy pyjamas and not have a need to get dressed in work attire, you may find that this impacts on your productivity. By getting dressed and ready for work, you will activate the right mood and get the productivity juices flowing – try it!

3. Stick to your normal working hours

Try your best to work according to your normal working hours and maintain this habit. Your brain is used to these hours and is essentially influenced by kick off time in the mornings and knock off time in the afternoons. This will give you a sense of achievement – having completed a day’s work and is vital in maintaining a happy work-life balance.

4. Set a schedule

Many people are positively influenced by creating lists and ticking off duties once they have been completed. This is a great way of planning your day ahead and sticking to what needs to be done and gives you a sense of making progress throughout the day.

5. Create an at home office space

Having a dedicated office, or working, space will motivate you to get working. Working from the couch may be a distraction Avoid switching on the TV and keep social media to a minimum. If you are fortunate to have an office in your home – then great; if not, working from the dining room table can also work well.

6. Take breaks

As with any working situation, it is important to give yourself little breaks to keep refreshed. Stick to your normal lunch hour and if possible, eat lunch outside to get some fresh air and step away from your workspace. Work on a reward system – set yourself goals, or tasks, and once these have been completed, reward yourself with a short break.

7. Schedule work meetings

Set up scheduled work meetings with your colleagues whether this be over Skype, Zoom, Face Time or even WhatsApp. It is important to have this social contact and business discussions to keep everyone tuned into the business and motivated.

8. Stay positive

With all the negativity and heart-breaking events occurring in the world at the moment, you should minimise your exposure to all the news that is going on. It is crucial to remain positive and focus on the good that is happening, whether this be an increase in business or good things happening around you in your daily life or across the world.

With the above tips you are sure to improve your current working from home situation and get productivity levels up.